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Your a newly appointed Head of Sales, now what? Your map for the first 100 days.

You’ve transitioned into one of the most critical senior leadership roles within an enterprise — head of sales. You are a leader who must guide not only the sales function, but also the enterprise. These first few months in the role present your best opportunity to determine your agenda and establish a strong foundation for your tenure. First- and fifth-time CSOs alike trust M. Allen insights, advice and tools to provide the ultimate thought partnership, mentoring and resources to navigate these early days.

New heads of sales are likely to feel immediate pressure to achieve a few quick wins. The pull of establishing a leadership team, revising the sales model and upending your predecessor’s dashboard can be daunting. “Stop. Slow down.” This was the overwhelming piece of advice your fellow heads of sales shared when compiling this guide. When asked if they could go back and do it all over again, each sales leader told us they wished they had taken more time to listen and be thoughtful and strategic with their planning. As one head of sales shared, “You have to go slow to go fast."

Whether you are entering your first or fourth role as head of sales, this guide will provide:

1. Critical reminders and a checklist for everything you need to accomplish in the first few months

2. Key recommendations to help you succeed

3. Everything you need to know divided into five key phases: Prepare, assess, plan, act and measure

4. Actionable guidance and valuable advice from your peers for each of the five phases

5. Resources to help you make the most of your first 100 days in the role and accelerate the track to success

6. Perspective across the many transition challenges you will face so you can set priorities and avoid common pitfalls

Retrieve this key framework and executive brief here:

Download ALLENMA • 3.05MB

Let's discuss how we can help or help answer questions about our framework we have attached. I can be reached via

Let's grow!

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