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Virtual Selling Insights - Report Attached

Ready to amp up your virtual selling game? The financial services industry has long relied on face-to-face interactions to serve client needs. Then came the pandemic and social distancing mandates. Today, the vast majority of advisors and financial professionals conduct business remotely, with many struggling to transition to virtual selling.

According to the attached 2020 study, 9 in 10 sales professionals in financial services cite the inability to meet clients in person as the biggest impact COVID-19 has had on their businesses. The study also revealed that most professionals (78 percent) relied on existing customers for all or most of their sales, compared to those sales executives (22 percent) whose sales came all or mostly from new customers since the pandemic.

This makes perfect sense because it’s easier to sell a product to someone who already knows and trusts you. It’s not so easy to prospect when you’re confined to a remote setting. The virtual world lacks the rapport-building interactions that come naturally in face-to-face meetings (eye contact, smiles, handshakes).

Here’s the good news. Virtual selling (to customers AND prospects) doesn’t need to be hard. You just need to shift your mindset and modify how you present, engage and interact with your audience. If you succeed, they will remember your message and want to do business with you afterwards.

Enjoy the attached findings and the report is attached below:

Download • 5.07MB

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