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Value Creation - The "Gem" of Our Work


With an ever-changing marketplace in 2023, it should come as no surprise that a successful account executive’s (AE) job description will continue to evolve.

This brief will cover three key actions and methods AEs can close more deals, even during a challenging market. Continue reading to learn how leading with value, leveraging sales technologies, and pipeline ownership can set AEs up for success.

Today’s buyer needs to know that the proposed solution is going to drive value quickly.

Gone are the days of planning 90 days or a year into the future with prospects. In today’s market, AEs need to be able to demonstrate how they’re going to improve a prospect’s life on day 1, 10, and 30.

In other words, today’s buyer needs to know that the proposed solution is going to drive value quickly. Not only that, but they need to be prepared to demonstrate and convince their internal team and stakeholders of said value.

Now the question is, how can AEs work alongside prospects to demonstrate that value and close the deal?

At M. Allen, we recommend collaborating with your prospects to build their unique value framework to rally mutual understanding around:

  • What key performance indicators (KPIs) are your prospects measuring? .

  • What outcomes are your prospects trying to achieve?

  • What would immediate value look like?

Discover more and read on:

Download PDF • 1.88MB

Assessing Your Sales Force Strength to Identify Upside for Growth

If you need to assess your overall B2B Sales & Revenue Growth capability and strength, below are the key and high-level areas that I recommend to audit. This doesn’t mean that you must do a deep dive into each and every area here but this is just an outline of key areas to help guide you in an audit of the most critical areas that will help understand the current status and what you can improve.

Also, it’s important to note that the order below is not meant to say that you should start with Sales Strategy before looking at the Sales Org. Always start with People first (i.e. People before Process or Problems) – talent in Sales is everything and all the results are based on the People you have on the team.

Here are the key areas where you would deep-dive and assess the strengths/capabilities and how they compare to “best practices” or what is done effectively within your specific industry and context – you want to get a rating (scale of 1-10) on each of these areas with the existing status and proposed ideas for optimization or improvement:

Download PDF • 7.88MB

"Sales leaders must do more than drive activity. They must coach how to optimize and position opportunities that will add value to their clients. Right activities, with the right content to the right buyer(s) at the right time." - Matt Slonaker, Founder & CEO of M. Allen

For sales teams to thrive in this new digital-first era, the right steps must be taken to ensure resiliency.

Remember that buyers want to receive value during the first 30 days, and it is up to AEs to work backward with prospects to demonstrate a tailored value proposition.

For greater efficiency, scalability, and customer experiences, AEs and leaders must take advantage of the sales technology at their disposal. Use technology and tools to adapt your messaging in real-time, to any number of market factors.

Finally, empower AEs to own their pipelines and rebuild their prospecting muscles to win more opportunities and closed-won deals. Ready to give your team the tools they need for success?

Chat with us at M. Allen and see how we can help your team close more deals. Email us at

About the author:

Matt Slonaker is a revenue growth and financial services business executive, with a strong track record in generating revenue growth and leading teams. He has experience working with both startups and multibillion-dollar market leaders, and has managed over a billion dollars in revenue in the last decade. He has founded his own company, M. Allen, and served over 20 clients since 2020, and has also worked in executive roles at global companies such as Firstsource, Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan Chase, and H&R Block. He is skilled in operations, revenue enablement, information technology, and other areas. Additionally, he is a US Military Combat Veteran and a career coach for military veterans in transition to the civilian sector since 2017.

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