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The Winning Seller: Briefing Enclosed

Some key recent facts:

1) Eighty-three percent of CSOs/CROs report that their sellers struggle to adapt to customer needs and expectations, suggesting that enablement efforts to address seller skills gaps continue to lag behind revenue commercial imperatives.

2) Enablement has continued to focus on conveying information and developing skills while overlooking its higher level objective: change seller behaviors.

3) Enablement leaders must focus on changing behavior by providing sellers a trigger at the point of need to catalyze the right action.

These stats reinforce why I wrote the enclosed briefing for you!

You are already super successful - a leader on your team - you’ve gained tremendous knowledge and experience in your career. It’s all good. AND you want to continue upwards - to grow your personal income and have even more impact. There are mouths to feed at home - and wealth to create for the future. You know the drill by now.

BUT you’re faced with a dilemma…to grow, you can’t just put in more hours - or just make more calls - and you’re not sure where to get modern growth strategies to get you where you want to go. Maybe you’ve even tried hiring coaches or binging on podcasts, but they leave you empty and unfulfilled.

You’re Not Alone I’ve heard this lament from hundreds of other high achievers and have decided to create this checklist to get you started on expanding what’s possible for you. I want to get you to a whole new level of income.

These are part of the exact strategies I teach to my coaching clients and all of my corporate clients. I call it the Winning Seller. To help, I’ve broken this checklist down into 5 components. Mindset, Map, Message, Method, and Marketing. Those are the five steps to high achievement in our performance coaching programs.

If you want to get to a higher income OR, even a radical improvement from where you already are, then these 5 elements should hit home.


M. Allen

Ps: our briefing with more details can be retrieved below:

Nov23TheWinningSellerBrief.Mallen (1)
Download PDF • 7.24MB

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