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The Contact Center of 2024: Briefing Enclosed

Customer expectations are continually evolving. To stay ahead, brands are increasingly integrating digital technology into the customer journey. However, achieving success in digital customer experience (CX) is not without its challenges.

In a survey conducted by TELUS International and Pulse, 100 enterprise technology executives shared their insights into the digital CX priorities for 2023 and beyond. This briefing goes into the key findings of the survey and highlights the areas in which organizations are planning to invest to enhance their digital CX offerings.

Current State of Digital Customer Experience: While 50% of tech executives consider the current state of digital CX at their companies to be above average, only a mere 5% classify it as advanced. This indicates that many organizations still have room for improvement when it comes to delivering exceptional digital customer experiences. Recognizing this, a majority of tech executives (89%) consider CX a moderate or high priority for their businesses.

Investment in Digital Customer Experience: To meet the growing demands of customers, organizations are increasing their CX budgets. A significant 81% of tech executives plan to boost their digital CX technology spending by up to 30% in 2023/24. The top areas of investment for digital CX include chat-bots (60%), customer data and analytics (53%), and CRM systems (49%).

These technologies enable businesses to streamline customer interactions, gain insights from data, and enhance overall customer satisfaction.

Business Drivers for Digital CX Investments: Cost savings emerged as the primary driver for digital CX technology investments, followed by improving the customer journey and driving business growth/rapid scaling. Organizations are realizing that investing in digital CX can yield significant cost efficiencies while simultaneously improving customer satisfaction and driving business expansion.

Challenges in Achieving Digital CX Technology Goals: Tech leaders foresee several challenges in achieving their digital CX technology goals. Gaining executive buy-in, managing the overall cost of projects, and securing the expertise required for implementation are among the top challenges. Additionally, concerns about potential impact on customer satisfaction metrics and gaining employee buy-in highlight the importance of comprehensive change management strategies when implementing digital CX initiatives.

Outsourcing and Partnership with Digital CX Providers: A notable finding from the survey is that the majority (84%) of tech executives plan to outsource their 2023 CX objectives to some extent. By partnering with experienced and innovative digital CX providers, organizations can leverage their expertise, gain access to advanced technologies, and achieve better customer experiences. When evaluating digital CX providers, qualities such as innovation and experience were identified as the most important.

For our full briefing, download the brief located below:

Download PDF • 4.19MB

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