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Thank You Linda

I appreciate the opportunity to always connect with colleagues and former team members. This afternoon, I was able to connect with Linda Vo. I'm sharing her newly posted LI recommendation below.

Thank you Linda. Your words and actions mean a ton and appreciated the opportunity to work together. Even more so, having you as a friend. Thank you.

Recommendation from Linda Vo, Currently Vice President of Enterprise Sales at WFG.

"I've only had the opportunity to work with Matt for a short period of time but during that time I was able to learn more about Enterprise Sales, Differentiated Selling and Innovative Marketing. He uses analytics to create strategies to gain market share and holds his team accountable to our personal goals. The on-boarding processes was clear and concise which was a breath of fresh air having no background in the title industry. I knew exactly what I needed to do to be successful in my first 90 days. He is a believer of personal development and included it in my area of focus. He challenged me to create my own thought-leadership article/case study and to get outside of my comfort zone. He is an out of the box thinker and has introduced me to innovative ways to market myself and our company. He is a great leader who cares about his team and understands what it takes to make an impact and grow market share for the institution." - Linda Vo

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