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Ten Pains BPO/BPM: View from a CEO

Last month, I had an insightful conversation with a top national lender's CEO. I asked them from their perspective of a CEO in a financial services company, how they thought my client should be positioning BPO/BPM in these challenging times to fellow C-suite executives. Their thoughts, especially around the contact center transformation space are outlined below.

Here are the top ten pains and discovery questions to consider:

1. Cost Reduction: How can these solutions help us optimize operational costs while maintaining service quality?

2. Compliance and Risk Management: How do these solutions ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and mitigate potential risks?

3. Customer Experience Enhancement: What specific features or capabilities can improve the overall customer experience across multiple channels?

4. Integration Challenges: How easily can these solutions integrate with our existing banking and mortgage systems and processes?

5. Scalability: Can these solutions accommodate our growing customer base and handle increasing transaction volumes effectively?

6. Data Security: How are customer data and sensitive information protected within these solutions to maintain privacy and prevent security breaches?

7. Performance Analytics: What insights and analytics capabilities are available to track and measure the performance of these solutions?

8. Flexibility and Customization: How can we tailor these solutions to align with our unique banking and mortgage processes and requirements?

9. Training and Change Management: What support and resources are provided to help our employees adopt and leverage these solutions effectively?

10. Vendor Partnership: What is the track record and reputation of the vendor providing these solutions, and how can they contribute to our long-term success?

The CEO stated: "By addressing these pain points and exploring the corresponding discovery questions, we can make informed decisions about the implementation of BPO/BPM and Omni-channel contact solutions within our banking and lending group."

Matt Slonaker

Founder & CEO of M. Allen

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