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Technology Benefiting Operations in Real Estate & Financial Services

I was pleased to have the opportunity to moderate today's panel with David Vida, Executive Vice President of Enterprise Sales at Computershare Loan Services, Rick Gehringer, Chief Information Officer at Wedgewood LLC, and Brendan Neary, Vice President of Enterprise Sales at Speridian Technologies.

We covered key discoveries and lessons learned related to implementing technology initiatives during Covid. Additionally, how the industry and their companies are planning on doing even more this year (2021).

Pay particular attention at the end with our CTA/Call to Action statements. As an example, think big was mentioned. Invest a % of your resources to developing solutions not only for this year but for five plus years out. Leverage partners in the process as well. No need to do this on your own.

I've placed the entire webinar video below and the handout/supplement is below as well.


FSITWebinar_DSNews - Final 4.7.2021
Download PDF • 6.87MB

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