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Talent important to you? Discover key talent trends and learn how to improve the candidiate journey

Studies are telling us that it takes employers an average of 25 working days to fill vacancies. This is the highest time-to-hire average for companies in the last 10 years. For large companies the average is even higher, closer to 60 working days from when the job has been posted to greeting a new team member.

So what can you do to optimize this important talent placement and on-boarding process? Discover the answers by downloading our latest white paper on this important topic. Download here:

Download PDF • 6.73MB

In addition to the white paper M. Allen is providing an overview into one of our recent alliances, RocketPower Inc. Discover their key services and how together we can help with scaling your operation.

Financial Services Industry Sell Sheet
Download • 3.56MB

"RP is disruptive because it does what I couldn't find when I ran People & Talent orgs at unicorns. But we’re successful for our clients because we believe: People Power Business."

-Mathew Caldwell, RP Founder

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