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State of Remote Work Entering 2021

This report, by Emplify, examines the current state of remote work through the lens of employees who have recently transitioned from in-office to at-home work. Results are based on an October 2020 employee engagement survey of 1,000 individuals ages 25+ who all answered “yes” to the qualifying question: As a result of COVID-19, has your role at work shifted from primarily in-person to primarily remote?

In addition, responses from 1,355 employees who took Emplify’s COVID-19 Work From Home Assessment were also analyzed. These results were aggregated during early phases of the transition to remote work, and provide additional context on how engagement has been impacted throughout each phase.

The findings in this report reflect trends among employees in various roles across a wide range of industries, including finance, healthcare, education, government, manufacturing, IT services, and more.

These shifts toward remote work are significant, and will require careful forethought and planning. Employee engagement initiatives that work well in the office don’t always translate directly to the virtual world, and many formerly in-person programs won’t be effective until they’re adapted to meet the new needs of employees in the era of remote work. Bottom line: While studies have long revealed the advantages of remote work, many of the biggest benefits can be achieved only after the right mix of employee engagement strategies is securely in place.

Attaching their full report below for your download and reviewing pleasure:

Download • 500KB

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