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Spectrum Solutions Embraces Growth & Change

This week we conducted an interview with one of our partners, Spectrum Solutions Acquisitions, who provides field inspection, property renovation and preservation services to discuss the challenges they face and how do they make sure to meet growing customer expectations.

Bill Mueller, National Sales Director at Spectrum Solutions Acquisitions

What sets you apart from your competitors?

Proven experience for decades within the industry, our proprietary technology and innovative approach to tackling the biggest client challenges. We take pride in our work and treat all our local field vendors with the respect they deserve. This creates an atmosphere of trust and positivity within our company, resulting in happier team members and satisfied clients.

What sets us apart from our competition is our personal approach to our work. We put our clients and our vendors first. A company is only as good as its people. We strongly believe that happy employees and satisfied clients are the keys to business success.

What are the daily challenges you face and how do you approach them?

We as a company face the daily challenge of balancing client’s expectations with our team members’ personal life-work balance during these challenging times.

We value family and strongly believe that family should come before work. However, ensuring that day-to-day operations run smoothly while being respectful and considerate of our team member’s personal needs can be a challenge. We handle this by maintaining a staff of the full time and part-time field specialists who are ready to jump in and help out wherever and whenever needed.

Where do you see your business and the client challenges in 2021?

We are constantly growing and expanding, opening new zones and on-boarding new clients every month. We see the industry challenged to meet quality standards and investor claim timelines in 2021. With the increasing delinquency ratios and amount of unemployed/underemployed in our country, it’s just a matter of time before the government backstop cracks and the wave of non-performing assets increase. Therefore, we expect to see the servicers and banks require overflow suppliers to help ensure timelines are met and collateral protected.

What are your team’s values?

Trust, respect, doing what we say and accountability are the top values in our company. We keep our employees motivated by consistently providing them with new growth opportunities. We are not afraid of change and adapt to new situations quickly by taking whatever opportunities come our way. Finally, when and if a mistake is made by any of our internal team members or an external vendor partner in the field, we own correcting the mistake or error!

What areas of training are you currently prioritizing?

We are currently refining our vendor management process.

How do you track progress in your business?

First, we always prioritize our current clients and their orders. We utilize our internal analytics to ensure exceptions are managed and service levels are exceeded. We have met our client SLAs with an average monthly score that measures over 95%. Additionally, we track our progress by monitoring our sales revenue and monthly volume, both by the client and by zone.

How do you resolve conflicts with customers?

We track customer satisfaction by our production and timeline quality metrics (per client). Additionally, ensuring that sales by a client are growing on a monthly basis. We tend to have minimal conflicts with our clients. Our general approach is it’s better to take a one-time loss to resolve a short-term conflict in order to establish a long-term relationship.

What are customers’ expectations, and do they change?

Clients are always re-adjusting their rules and expectations. Our proprietary systems and analytics are key differentiators in helping us score high marks with our clients. The only constant in this industry is changing. We are very adaptable in this regard, adopting new rules quickly and making sure all our field inspectors are up to date.

Learn more about Spectrum Solutions by contacting Bill Mueller via or via phone at 619.846.2302.

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