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SMB or Middle-Market: Why the Growth Struggle?

Why do many small and medium-sized businesses struggle with underperforming sales teams?

Sales can be a complex and unpredictable aspect of business. However, the underlying nature of small businesses often makes it challenging to create high-performing sales teams. Unlike larger companies, SMBs may lack the resources to afford top-tier sales talent, resulting in teams comprised of B-level and C-level players trying to achieve A+ performance.

While recruiting and training better salespeople is a common recommendation, it may not always be feasible for small companies with limited budgets. Instead, focusing on building a system that works for B-level and C-level salespeople can be more effective. Overinvesting in sales training may not yield significant improvements for lower-level salespeople.

SMBs can create a high-performing sales team by emphasizing factors other than individual talent. Implementing a companywide proven and repeatable sales process can enhance the performance of every salesperson, regardless of their quality. Improving workflows, leveraging automation, and utilizing CRM systems can benefit both the company and the sales team without incurring the high costs associated with hiring top sales talent.

Once these improvements are in place, enforcing accountability within the sales force can drive them towards higher performance. Additionally, providing one-on-one coaching to the team can further enhance their capabilities and contribute to the desired high performance.

If you're unsure where to start, consider auditing your entire sales ecosystem to identify areas for improvement. We help clients with this. If this resonates, my contact information is below and let's connect.

Matt Slonaker Founder & CEO of M. Allen (M) 972.740.4300 (E) (W)

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