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✨🚀 Seeking a Sales Leader? Here are some pivotal questions to consider! 🎖️🔍

I'm often asked what are the key traits,competencies, and experience a company/client should be placing in their revenue growth leadership roles? Here are some pivotal questions to consider!

  1. Leadership Roots: Who or what inspires their leadership style? Discover their sources of inspiration and how it shapes their approach.

  2. Triumphs & Trials: What were their major wins and the lessons learned along the way? Explore their achievements and how they handle setbacks.

  3. Tackling Challenges: How do they handle tough situations? Uncover their problem-solving strategies and ability to navigate through obstacles.

  4. Team Alchemy: Can they manage diverse dynamics within a team? Assess their ability to foster collaboration and create a supportive, inclusive environment.

  5. Elevating Low Performers: What strategies do they employ to help team members improve and grow? Look for their approaches to develop underperforming individuals.

  6. Daily Focus: What are their top priorities as a Sales Manager? Gain insights into their ability to manage time effectively and prioritize tasks.

  7. Visionary Planning: How do they approach formulating quarterly strategies? Evaluate their ability to create a clear vision and execute plans effectively.

  8. Achieving Goals: How do they tackle ambitious targets? Assess their strategies for setting and achieving challenging sales objectives.

  9. Reflective Growth: How do they learn from their experiences? Discover their mindset towards personal and professional growth.

  10. KPI Wizardry: Which key performance indicators do they prioritize? Understand their favored metrics for measuring success and driving results.

  11. Sales Craft: What's their sales playbook like? Uncover their methods, techniques, and strategies for maximizing sales effectiveness.

  12. Win/Loss Insights: How do they analyze team performance? Explore their ability to evaluate wins and losses to identify areas of improvement.

Remember, selecting the right sales leader extends beyond skills. Look for individuals with a vision, adaptability, and cultural fit. Use these questions to find leaders who can transform your sales landscape!

Matt Slonaker

Founder & CEO of M. Allen 

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