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Scaling your technology capabilities in 2021

CIOs and Head of Digital Solutions that we work with, at Awesome Technologies Inc., are challenged with scaling their internal operations for growth.

We will outline how to address this below. Scaling consists of 2 key steps.

Step 1: Clearly define your goal The first thing you should do is to set clear goals that you want to achieve. Why do you need scaling at all? Although it may seem like a silly question, there is a dozen of possible answers:

  • To increase development speed.

  • To improve specific development sides (QA, BackEnd, iOS/Android, marketing, etc.).

  • To work on a larger number of projects at the same time.

Those were just a few examples, so you may complement this list with your answer. This step is crucial because unless you have a well-defined reason, the chances are that you will add people to your team without getting any business results or may even be negative results. Step 2: Decide your scaling approach. There are two approaches to organizing the work inside your team(s) when scaling:

  1. The “whole team” concept is based on the idea that each team should be fully independent and work as a single unit. Such groups are usually able to deliver all the functionality from start to finish. Therefore, it should include designers, developers, PMs, QA engineers, and so on.

  2. The “skill-based split” concept is based on the idea that birds of a feather flock together. Therefore, you will have design teams, development teams, marketing teams, and so on. The main advantage of this approach is the intensive experience exchange within groups.

Step 3: Scale! When you completed the first two steps, you just have to find the right candidate and hire them. If you are looking to scale your development team then Awesome Technologies can help. To learn more about our past and current clients' experiences, you may read their

If you are interested in learning more on how we can help your team, let's do a discovery call and just let me know a date/time that works. My contact information is below.

Sincerely, Matt Slonaker

Awesome Technologies:

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