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Scaling Success: The Overlooked Strategy in Sales Management

I never hear this from prospects or on LinkedIn. Seems like a massive game changer to SCALE success.

So Gong made famous the tagline "clone your best sales reps". But how about this...

Clone your best...SALES MANAGER!

A good rep can work on a set number of accounts in a year. Let's say that number is 40 opportunities. The average front-line manager has about 7 direct reports. That means they impact 280 opportunities.

Why aren't we focused on cloning our best sales managers? What are the best sales managers even doing?

According to the data I see from our M. Allen customers (since 2020), the best managers are focused on OPPORTUNITY REVIEWS.

They are running opportunity reviews EARLY in the sales cycle...

Like, after the first discovery call versus waiting for the deal to be in the forecast and it can't be fixed

They are RATING the information in CRM...

to ensure that it meets the level of depth/detail to move the prospect versus treating CRM fields like a 'check-the-box' exercise

They are providing FEEDBACK on how reps can improve the deal...

with specific detail on how to build a stronger case for change versus just applying more pressure on reps to "close, close, close"!

What are teams doing today to capture what the BEST sales managers are doing?

How are you capturing that information?

How do you use it to help all manager(s) improve their game?

Seems like a perfect way to SCALE success. Am I missing something?

It's essential to recognize the pivotal role of the sales manager and how their strategies can be harnessed to elevate the entire team's performance. 

Do you have specific examples of how this strategy has been deployed successfully in your experience or team?

Finally, enclosing our latest growth insights and details for your review here:

Ps: check out the latest briefing on the Super Hero CRO (below) as well for the latest growth insights on this key role within the enterprise:

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Matt Slonaker

Founder & CEO of M. Allen 

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