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Sales Leaders...Start your week with these questions.....

There are 10 critical questions you should ask your team to find out exactly what their plan is for the week. Reps get lost in non-revenue-bearing activities, and these 10 questions will absolutely cause them to think differently about their week ahead. Additionally, they provide you another lever to set expectations and hold your reps accountable this week. You can see the 10 Questions to Start Your Week here:

  1. What live opportunities in your pipeline can you move forward this week? What actions will you need to take to move those opportunities forward? What commitments will you dream client need to make? What value do you have to create to gain their commitments?

  2. How much time are you going to spend prospecting for new opportunities this week? When are you going to do your prospecting work? What time are you going to block on your calendar for opportunity creation?

  3. Which of your dream clients need nurtured this week? What ideas are you going to feed your dream clients? How are they going to use those ideas? How will what you send them distinguish you as someone with valuable ideas?

  4. What commitments have you made in the past that you need to keep this week? Who do you owe a phone call? Who do you owe information? What did you promise to do on someone else’s behalf? When are you going to keep those commitments?

  5. Who do you need to thank? Do you have prospects who you need to mail a thank-you card? Do you have clients who are long overdue for a show of gratitude? Who on your internal team—your personal, private, professional services firm—do you owe lunch for delivering on all of the promises you make to your clients?

  6. Who are you going to help? Who needs your help? What are you going to do to help them? How are you going to pay forward what has been paid forward to you?

  7. How are you going to improve yourself? What are you going to read and study to improve your business acumen? What are you going to read to make you a well-rounded, educated person? What are you going to do to ensure you have the energy you need to generate the outcomes you want?

  8. What lessons have you learned over the past few weeks that you can apply to your work? What ideas have you read or discussed but haven’t yet put into practice? What do you need to do to turn that knowledge into results?

  9. What is the one outcome you need to achieve this week that will move you closer to reaching your biggest goal? Why is this goal so important to you? What is the price you will pay for not achieving this goal? What is the reward for reaching it? Have you blocked time to take the actions you need to get that outcome?

  10. Who do you have to be? What kind of person do you need to be to achieve everything you want to achieve this week?

Leverage these on a weekly basis with your team and guarantee you'll see a lift in your team's personal and professional growth.

Let's grow baby!

Ps: Attaching some of our recent papers and briefs as well:

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