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Sales Leader’s Guide to Conversation Intelligence by Gryphon

As organizations are growing their tech stacks to assist their teams through the remote sales process, a conversation intelligence tool can offer insights into prospect and customer conversations to help drive more revenue.

Sales teams are the heart of customer communication and revenue potential for the organization. As a leader, you only have so many hours in a day to participate in live sales calls. With a conversation intelligence solution, you can quickly identify coaching needs and empower reps to gain insights into each interaction with their customers and prospects to improve future performance.

If you are looking to utilize one of these tools at your organization, this guide will demonstrate the following:

1. What conversation intelligence looks like in today’s sales tech stack

2. How conversation intelligence can benefit your sales team

3. What to look for in a conversation intelligence provider

4. Features to look for in a solution, including live in-moment coaching

Gryphon's full eBook is attached for your viewing pleasure.

The Sales Leader’s Guide to Conversation
Download • 885KB

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