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Mortgage Executive Roundtable This Afternoon

Speridian Technologies and M. Allen are hosting an executive roundtable this afternoon with former mortgage colleagues and executives. Our group will have CEO/COO/Chief Servicing Officers and Chief Sales Officers who have a history of success within the mortgage industry.

Our time will center around the following topics and agenda:

  • AI/Artificial Intelligence driving the way companies provide everything from customer service to mortgage lending/sales advice

  • Traditional financial institutions facing competition from non-traditional market players with skills, funding and innovation

  • Prolonged low interest rate environment, many now look at cost containment as one of the keys to survival

  • Security – everything depends on robust cybersecurity to hold off threats that are coming from multiple directions

  • Risk Management – grapple with culture, ethics, and trust, it often finds itself playing defense

  • Digital Lending and Labor – robotic process automation and other intelligent technologies are emerging across mortgage firms

  • Non-performing Loan and Default Management – expecting a substantial increase due to high unemployment rates and the delinquency spikes due to Covid-19 crisis

  • Core strategic initiatives for lenders and servicers – seeking experienced talent with solutions that can accelerate go-to-market and create differentiation (customer experience and journeys)

Questions we’ll discuss as a group during our time together:

  1. The Cost of origination has increased 3-4 times over last 12 years. Though there have been many technological advances for the mortgage industry it has been unable to contain the cost. What do you think needs to happen to reduce the cost of origination?

  2. Along with cost the time to originate has been between 30-45 days. Is the cost directly proportional to the time? What is the realistic time to originate?

  3. What are the top 3 challenges for today’s non-bank lenders?

  4. overall cost-to-service for performing and non-performing loans have increased by 264% and 489% respectively since 2008. How servicers can keep up the profitability given a fixed fee from GSE/FHA and projected 10-5% cost increase due to inflation.

  5. Is Borrower experience during origination an area of concerns for lenders?

  6. How do you think the mortgage market (origination & default) will be impacted in due to COVID?

KP Hari and I are looking forward to hearing from the diverse team we have joining us today for this discovery session and roundtable. We'll share some of the highlights from the conversation in future blog posts.

To learn more about Speridian Technologies or M. Allen, please contact

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