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Mid-Year Review: Holistic Approach this Weekend

Conducting a Mid-Year Review: A Holistic Approach to Professional, Personal, and Family Aspects As we reach the halfway mark of the year, it's an excellent time to pause, reflect, and evaluate our progress towards the goals we've set for 2023. A mid-year review isn't just beneficial for your career or professional aspirations, but it also holds substantial value for personal growth and nurturing family relationships. Here's my comprehensive guide on how you can conduct a mid-year review that encompasses all these spheres of life. Your Professional Review 1. Revisit Your Initial Goals Begin your professional review by revisiting the objectives you set at the start of the year. These could include career progression goals, skill development, or financial targets. By clearly understanding what you aimed for, you can assess how far you've come and what still needs to be done. 2. Evaluate Your Progress Measure your progress against each goal. Did you secure that promotion, learn new skills, or meet your financial targets? If you're trailing behind, identify the reasons. It could be due to changes in circumstances, a lack of resources, or perhaps the goal was unrealistic to begin with. Be honest with yourself during this step. 3. Set New Targets Based on your assessment, it's time to recalibrate. Adjust your goals if needed or set new ones. This could mean seeking additional training, adjusting your work schedule, or seeking new opportunities. Your Personal Review 1. Review Your Personal Development Goals Personal goals often revolve around self-improvement, health, fitness, hobbies, or personal finance. Just like with your professional goals, review what you set out to achieve and measure your progress. 2. Reflect on Your Journey Reflect on your experiences over the past six months. How have these experiences changed you as an individual? Has there been personal growth, and in which areas? Make notes about significant incidents, how you reacted, and what you learned. 3. Set Goals for the Rest of the Year With these reflections in mind, plan the remaining half of the year. You might want to continue with your current goals or set new ones. Make sure these goals align with your long-term vision for yourself. Your Family Review 1. Assess Your Relationships Think about the quality of your relationships with family members. Have you been spending enough quality time with them? Have you been supportive and present? This step requires honesty and self-reflection. 2. Have a Family Meeting If possible, arrange a family meeting to openly discuss everyone's feelings and thoughts. This can be an excellent way to understand how each family member views their role in the family and what they hope to achieve in the familial context. 3. Set Family Goals After the meeting, establish family goals. These could include regular family activities, improving communication, or supporting each other in personal endeavors. Remember, these goals should be mutually agreed upon.

More assistance? Here are some step-by-step exercises for each domain of your mid-year review: Professional Review Exercise 1: SWOT Analysis 1. Draw a grid with four sections: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT). 2. Fill each section appropriately based on your professional life in the past six months. 3. Use this analysis to understand where you stand professionally and what you need to focus on in the following months. Exercise 2: Goal-Setting 1. Write down up to five professional goals you have for the rest of the year. 2. For each goal, write down three action steps you can take to achieve it3. Review these goals weekly and note your progress. Personal Review Exercise 1: Journaling 1. Dedicate 15-20 minutes each day to write about your experiences, feelings, and thoughts. 2. At the end of the week, review your journal entries and note any patterns, insights, or areas of growth. 3. Use these insights to guide your personal goal setting for the next six months. Exercise 2: Visualization 1. Find a quiet space, close your eyes, and visualize your ideal self by the end of the year. 2. What are you doing? How do you feel? Who are you with? 3. Use this visualization to set personal development goals that align with this ideal vision. Family Review Exercise 1: Family Meeting 1. Schedule a time that works for everyone in your family. 2. Start the meeting by expressing your purpose for the gathering. 3. Give everyone a chance to express their feelings, concerns, and hopes for the family. 4. Based on everyone's input, set a few family goals together. Exercise 2: Regular Check-Ins

1. Schedule regular family check-ins (weekly or monthly, based on what works best for your family). 2. During these meetings, discuss progress towards your family goals. 3. Make any necessary adjustments and continue to support each other. Try these exercises to make your mid-year review more structured and productive, helping you set clear, actionable steps for the rest of the year in your professional, personal, and family life.

A mid-year review is an opportunity to realign yourself with your goals and make necessary adjustments. By considering your professional, personal, and family life, you ensure a well-rounded and balanced approach to your life's ambitions. Happy reviewing and more importantly ACHIEVING!

Ps: Extra tool to help this weekend. I'm sharing a template or tool that I've been using since 2020. Find enclosed below:

Download PDF • 94KB

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About the author:

Matt Slonaker is a revenue growth and financial services business executive, with a strong track record in generating revenue growth and leading teams. He has experience working with both startups and multibillion-dollar market leaders, and has managed over a billion dollars in revenue in the last decade. He has founded his own company, M. Allen, and served over 20 clients since 2020, and has also worked in executive roles at global companies such as Firstsource, Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan Chase, and H&R Block. He is skilled in operations, revenue enablement, information technology, and other areas. Additionally, he is a US Military Combat Veteran and a career coach for military veterans in transition to the civilian sector since 2017.

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