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Managing Growth in Crisis 2023

World of uncertainty has settled in among customers and sales teams alike.

Regardless of macroeconomic outcomes, many organizations that quickly adapt to this new normal of uncertainty and help their customers make sense of new market dynamics will see a host of benefits.

Having a well-developed but flexible plan that helps the business evolve to shifts in customer behaviors and related impacts on sales team morale is critical. Organizations with these plans will be better-positioned to provide precise points of engagement for customers, partners and sales teams.

To build their plans in the wake of this disruption, C-level executives are targeting some of the following core strategies:

1) Help your customers understand and decipher information to reduce the uncertainty.

2) Monitor and address seller disengagement before it results in poor service on the customer.

3) Prepare the sales and go-to-market team to re-analyze/stengthen the competitive position.

Read our latest brief on managing growth through the challenging times here:

Download PDF • 4.53MB

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