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M. Allen's Loss Mitigation 2021 Assessment & Plan

As serious delinquency rates (90+ delinquent) rose in the monthly default figures (as per CoreLogic's latest delinquency report for mortgages), there were 382 MSAs where the rate increased. While pundits and experts across the industry have different views on the timing and how bad the crisis could be for lenders/banks, M. Allen's founder believes it's time to assess. As Matt was quoted recently, "why would we not use this time to assess where we are strong and where we have exposure?" as he added, "It's time to bring the right expertise to your team and conduct an unbiased assessment of the loss mitigation process."

On that front, we're attaching an initial discussion guide and plan framework to use with M. Allen on a discovery call. Please download the plan below:

Download PD • 171KB

After you download and have reviewed, please contact matt via email at for a free hour consult on how this could be applied within your unique situation.

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