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M. Allen Client Wins Innovation Award

Speridian’s solution for Ameriprise wins the best Innovation in Service and Field Service project at the 2020 Oracle Markie Awards

Speridian Technologies, one of M. Allen's clients, is proud to announce that Ameriprise Financial, in partnership with Speridian, came in 2nd place for the coveted Thinker Award for Best Innovation in Service and Field Service project at the 2020 Oracle Markie Awards.

Ameriprise helps customers secure their financial future by providing planning products and services towards wealth management, asset management, insurance as well as estate planning and retirement.

Ameriprise used the Speridian expertise and deep-rooted knowledge of the Oracle platform to help them develop a system that completely digitized their entire customer service experience- providing a referable end-to end service for every advisor, interaction, tailored to each individual client.

To accomplish this, Speridian implemented the Oracle Knowledge Advanced and Oracle Intelligent Advisor products to provide a more confident path to the right answer by reducing interpretation of complex content. In addition, Speridian implemented Oracle’s Intelligent Advisor product to help Ameriprise’s human resources team enhance the customer experience by guiding agents during financial planning client interviews.

As a result, Speridian delivered 100+ guides, which have been viewed by Ameriprise employees over 1.6 million times. These guides have helped reduce time to proficiency and AHT for associates and have increased self-service opportunities and efficiency for advisors.

There were other major competitors for this award including Mercedes Benz, Credit Suisse and Infosys. This is a huge accomplishment- congratulations to both the Ameriprise and Speridian teams!

Speridian is looking forward to working with the Ameriprise Financial organization in developing many more innovative projects in the future.

Check out the video link to watch the full announcement -

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