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M. Allen Client, Speridian Technologies, Receives Industry Honor for Robotic Process Automation

M. Allen's technology solution client, Speridian Technologies - a global business and technology solutions provider, proudly announced its UiPath Services Network (USN) Partnership with world leader in Robotic Process Automation (RPA), UiPath. Speridian becomes only the 4th company nationwide to achieve this highest partnership status.

"I'm looking forward to bringing to my mortgage and auto-finance colleagues a solution framework that will help them deliver exceptional customer experience and do so with efficiency." Stated M. Allen's CEO, Matt Slonaker. " I've been amazed to see the entire leadership team's passion for serving their clients. In addition to RPA, they're assisting the lending and servicing segment with other key solutions like predictive intelligence, mobile application development and other workflow solutions." added Slonaker.

Speridian is also a top-tier Gold Partner of the leading RPA platform. Together with Uipath, we foster our clients’ innovation and growth initiatives from rapid & intuitive high-ROI automations through to the most advanced & strategic Intelligent Automation programs.

Speridian has mastered the art of blending bots with Artificial Intelligence (AI), decision automation, and advanced human-bot workflows. This means we can tackle the most complex automations for our financial services industry clients.

  • A robust RPA practice with focus on Rapid-ROITM automation model for delivery excellence

  • Leverage domain knowledge to build successful robotic automation frameworks

  • Proven ability to manage enterprise-wide RPA efforts through our recognized Center of Excellence framework

  • Deep technology expertise

  • End-to-end delivery and maintenance services with flexible support from product specialists

Ready to start your RPA journey? Contact our team today:

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