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M. Allen Client Speridian Technologies Delinquency Management Tech Improves Loan Recovery Process

Speridian Client

Speridian client, a major Asian bank, adopted Speridian’s Beacon Delinquency Management solution to improve their loan business.  Doing so allowed the bank to improve loan decision making, minimizing Nonperforming Assets, easing the burden and improving the success rate among field agents attempting to collect payments.

Customer Situation

Asian bank was reliant upon an entirely manual loan recovery process, which was expensive, time consuming, and not particularly effective.  As a result, their loan portfolio was underperforming, limiting their ability to service their customer base.  This led them to seek a largely automated solution to improve their loan recovery management position.  This solution needed to have the following characteristics:

  • Be cost effective

  • Enable users to quickly analyze the current NPA status

  • View the complete status and profile of all NPA for the entire bank and its individual branches

  • A comprehensive workflow that assist recovery agents in loan recovery, from contact to recovery, all through a single window

Speridian’s Solution

After careful review, Speridian suggested adoption of our Beacon Delinquency Management solution.  It provides the following:

  • Nonperforming Assets are tracked through built-in reporting

  • Provides a Contact and Retrieval Workbench, including Commitment Tracking-Contact procedures for loan retrieval and a tracking progress for borrowers based on commitment and alerts

  • Dashboard reporting to track all key metrics

  • Ad-hoc reporting options are available to investigate specific situations that may arise

  • Nonperforming Assets Recovery Workflow, a case-based tracking system that is regulatory compliant 

Technologies Used, Jquery, Javascript, WebAPI, Ajax, C#, MS SQL Server

Business Impact

The adoption of Speridian’s Beacon Delinquency Management solution was a game changer for their client.  The loan portfolio was reviewed, and an action plan implemented to shore up its weaknesses.  Beacon Delinquency Management solution brought Nonperforming Assets down, freeing up time and resources to focus on generating new customers and business for the bank.

  • Branch-wise NPA comparisons

  • Dashboards reflecting NPA status

  • User-wise responsibility assignments

  • Easy contact and follow-ups

  • Scheduled SMS and Voice call alerts

  • Bulk dispatch of Notices

  • Customer commitment follow-up and tracking

Action Steps:

Learn through a half hour discovery brief on how our services and technology solutions can assist your team in managing the expected rise in non-performing assets through 2021 and beyond.

Contact or visit for additional details on scheduling your executive brief.

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