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M. Allen Added as Preferred Partner to DigiDeck

M. Allen becomes a preferred partner to SportsDigita and will be adding their world class DigiDeck solution to their toolbox for financial service companies.

What the DigiDeck solution does is completely change the way companies do their presentations! By combining visually dynamic and interactive presentations with best-in-class software technologies to fuel business growth (aligns to M. Allen's mission of helping the 52% companies who are not making annual growth targets).

Companies that have utilized the DigiDeck solution include Salesforce, ticketmaster, Los Angeles Lakers, New York Yankees, Dallas Cowboys, Cargill and many more.

M. Allen's CEO, Matt Slonaker, adds: "My entire mission is to help fuel growth with my clients in the financial services industry. DigiDeck enables sales and marketing leaders to protect their brand and to ensure consistent and positive brand experience. Productivity wise, it creates marketing and sales efficiencies that empower all teams within the go-to-market team. Finally, it enhances effectiveness and business outcomes with dynamic platform."

M. Allen will be hosting a webinar demo later in August but in the meantime check out the digideck below to learn more about our latest tool to fuel your growth!

Contact for a personal demo.

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