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Video: Lenders get the advantage with your data...

Bullseye Metrics helps you analyze your data by converting it into meaningful visual representation. So you can stay focused on the matters which contributes to your business and helps you grow.

Lending clients of Awesome Technologies Bullseye solution are seeing improvement in decreasing customer acquisition costs, generating 15% gains in monthly revenue and delivering process efficiencies in their lending cycle through the analytics delivered through Bullseye.

Collect your data

You can connect to all leading databases and other data sources in Bullseye Metrics like XLS, CSV, SQL Server and the same can be done with a few clicks.

Make data stories

Jump into your data and generate insights with simple tools. Save those insights as beautiful, interactive reports that reveal the stories hidden in your data.

Gather & Visualize

Generate personalized dashboards and keep up on metrics that matter to you. Visualize all your data and empower your organization to make quick, confident decisions.

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