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Leads: How fast do you need to respond?

Recent in-depth study, conducted by Xant, examined over 55 million sales activities on 5.7 million inbound leads at 400+ companies and found that 57.1% of first call attempts occur after more than a week. Also, conversion rates drop by 8X after just 5 minutes. That’s a lot of missed revenue.

Strike the while the iron is hot. only .1% of the leads examined had responses by sellers within the first five minutes of the inquiry. That's right...only .1%!

Reps are missing sales ready leads - Of the 5.7 million leads Xant reviewed, only 23% of them ever received even a single contact attempt from a rep, which means 77% of leads never get touched, except by your marketing automation tool.

Engage leads in minutes, not days....Conversion rates were 8X higher when the rep attempted to make contact within 5 minutes vs waiting 6 minutes or more.

To learn more about the details of the study and to discover more on how M. Allen can help you with your growth needs, please contact us at

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