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Latest Credit Trends by Experian - February 2021

One of the best overviews on key credit trends in the mortgage, auto, bank card and personal loan segment. Some of the key highlights presented last week include the following:

1) Mortgage lending volumes were up over 80% on a year/over/year basis. Bankcards had the highest drop with a decrease of 41% year/over/year basis.

2) On the delinquency front, automotive delinquents revealed the highest increase (specifically in the 90-180 bucket with a 31% increase).

3) On page 15 within the attached report, the lowest wage earner segment is far below their middle-income and high-wage earner cohorts.

4) Page 22 details the current lack of housing supply and compares to other historical time periods. Will constrain the mortgage purchase segment.

For the complete online presentation, click the link below:

Download PDF • 1.29MB

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