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Tech Innovator and Solution Provider | Latest Addition to M. Allen's Client Portfolio

"We are pleased to add the team at Awesome Technologies Inc. (ATI) to our client portfolio. Their passion to see clients become even more efficient with their solutions is one of the trademarks of the team at ATI and we're excited about the growth opportunities for the team." stated M. Allen's CEO, Matt Slonaker.

Awesome Technologies Inc. is a Software Solutions provider with products and services across financial services, healthcare, telecommunication, education and media sectors.

Awesome Technologies Inc. develops full-network enabled, multi-interface applications for hand-held gadgets, thin clients & other networked devices. In addition, our company also offers website and eCommerce hosting services. ATI's working methodology involves an aggressive process which includes extensive research, attractive design and detailed technical structure. ATI's technical and business expertise allows them to not only do the task at hand but drive results that help clients improve profitability, efficiency, and customer acquisition metrics.

Attaching one of their recent white papers around RPA in the mortgage space below in addition to their website link.

Download PDF • 2.23MB

ATI Encompass Plugins - This month's feature solution

Plugins can be a vital part of any system and can help with almost anything you want to automate or simplify. However, if they are not done correctly using the existing functionality of the system they can do more damage than good. All ATI plugins are LOS agnostic and use the existing system architecture to ensure long term functionality of the plugin with little or no change to the code.


  • Simplify procedures and processes.

  • Eliminate the need for complicated tasks and business rules.

  • Automate manual procedures within the LOS and other systems.

  • Identify, collect and analyze any data in any database.

  • Conditional workflow management.

To learn more, please send me an email for a discovery call via

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