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Key Plays to Run within Your Sales Team

Imagine where you’d be without your sales playbook. Randomness on every call, never knowing what works (or doesn’t work) with customers. It’s a pipeline disaster.

Why then do we not see companies and team invest the energy and resources to develop, implement and use this critical tool in their sales process? Why?

I can't tell you how pleased new reps that I've boarded in my teams are when they actually receive the "playbook" from me on their first day with the team. Common statements like, "I've never had a playbook" or "You have just validated why I've joined this team" and many others....even more important, when they actually run a set play and see that it worked on getting a meeting or advancing an opportunity. Pure pleasure as a leader.

So, I'm attaching some of my key plays to help with enhancing your sales efforts. Enjoy and I only ask that you share what plays are working the most and if you have others that I should incorporate into the playbook?

Go gettem!

Download PDF • 1.14MB

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