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Key Highlights, Trends & Monthly Brief

As we're entering the 2022 planning cycle with our clients, attaching a brief that includes key data elements and statistics that provide context on what is happening within the financial services industry segment.

Some of the points highlighted or extracted include the following:

  • The national inventory of active listings declined by 25.8% over last year, while the total inventory of unsold homes, including pending listings, declined by 13.8%. The inventory of active listings is still down 52.8% compared to 2019.

  • Even with low job gains, hard hit groups seeing improvement. 6+ Month unemployment down from February 2021 highs with 3.2M falling into this group ending August 2021.

  • The Net Charge-Off Rate Declined Further to a Record Low Net charge-offs continued to decline for the fourth consecutive quarter (down $8.3 billion, or 53.2 percent). In second quarter, the net charge-off rate fell 30 basis points to 0.27 percent, a record low. A decline in net charge-offs of credit card loans (down $3.3 billion, or 39.8 percent) and C&I loans (down $2.9 billion, or 69.7 percent) drove three-fourths (75.5 percent) of the reduction in net charge-offs from the year-ago quarter. More than half of all banks (51.6 percent) reported a decline in net chargeoffs from a year ago.

The entire brief is attached below:

Download PDF • 1.19MB

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