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It's About Your Team's Growth

  1. Problem: Why does M. Allen exist? We are seeing over half of B2B companies not achieve their annual growth targets. With the current crisis, this will surely continue to be a struggle for many. What can we do to change this? How can we make a difference?

  2. Value Statement: What we’re trying to do with M. Allen is accelerate our B2B clientele's transition to a growth machine. At M. Allen we make growth achievable with our decades of experience, our vast network, channel partners and proven processes. This is really important to deploy now in these challenging times.

  3. How We Do It:  We show the B2B client that growth can be taken in manageable and cost effective steps. Month to month options are supported and no long term commitments are required.

  4. Proof Points: The work we do has a big leveraged effect in the financial services-industry. We’re credited for leading and achieving 2.5x growth in less than three years. Our achievements span nearly three decades in operations, information technology and revenue growth (sales & marketing). In addition, we bring many of our clients to assist with your initiatives. As an example, Speridian Technologies, Spectrum Solutions Acquisitions & National Bankruptcy Services all have served nearly 500 clients across the globe in the last twenty-thirty years.

  5. Engaging Question: What is your biggest challenge today?

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