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How was your week? Reflect on these...

Good morning sales leaders and growth professionals. Happy Saturday, May 1, 2021! I am sure many of you like to use a weekend morning to reflect on the past week and prepare for the week ahead. In this pursuit of learning and adjusting for ultimate success, sharing some questions to use in your "look back."

  1. Did you make progress on your two or three most important outcomes or goals? How did you move things forward this past week?

  2. Did you make deposits in your relationships with your dream or strategic clients, those prospective clients you are going to relentlessly pursue because you can create so much value for them?

  3. Did you spend enough time prospecting to create the opportunities that you need to succeed? Did you plant the seeds that needed planting so you’ll have something to harvest when the time comes?

  4. Did you help your clients produce the better outcomes they need? Did you keep your commitment to being their trusted advisor?

  5. Did you help your team members deal with the challenges and obstacles that are preventing them from producing the outcomes you sold? Did you lead your team?

  6. Did you really listen? Did you really pay attention to the person who needed you to hear them? Could they feel that you cared?

  7. Did you learn something new this week? Did you learn something about yourself? Did you learn something that will improve your future performance? Are you outside your "comfy" zone?

  8. Did you engage with your client in the difficult conversation you need to have about what’s really preventing them from achieving the results they need?

  9. Did you ask for the key commitments you need? Did you ask for access to those stakeholders who are still holdouts? Did you ask for the information you need to know how to make a real difference?

  10. Did you exercise your adaptability and resourcefulness to solve a challenge by generating new ideas?

  11. Did you work to improve yourself? Did you spend the time you needed to develop yourself both personally and professionally? Did you sharpen your mental game?

  12. Did you deepen the most important relationships in your life? Did you spend time connecting with the person in front of you while completely disconnected from distractions?

  13. Will you look back on this week happy at the progress you made? Will you be proud of how you invested your time and your energy with clients, friends and family?

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