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How the Days Are Blurry Yet Rewarding

Well it's Wednesday evening, June10th, and approaching 7 PM here outside Boulder, Colorado. Halfway into week two of launching my own firm. Is it just me or do the days seem to be a blur since the crisis began back in March?

I just talked to a former colleague and a fellow small business owner in the Big Apple. He shared the same thoughts and at least I felt like I had a partner. Until you're in the situation of having to be the CEO, CFO, CSO, CMO, PMO and Admin, you truly don't appreciate the challenges of focus, prioritization, and working towards the right actions that grow your business and deliver value to your stakeholders.

So while I'm enjoying a glass of Cab this evening, I wanted to share some thoughts and topics that hopefully will at least share some new perspectives for my blog readers.

First, i've received plenty of questions about why did I start M. Allen and what do we do?

My answer is: Like many of the 40 million U.S. citizens who became unemployed or underemployed during the COVID health/economic crisis, I learned that I (and my family) was going to be impacted in early May. I quickly pivoted and realized I could share my expertise in generating growth for B2B financial service companies. I used the event as a "trigger" to launch M. Allen and within three weeks, we were able to commence operations with an initial client base of three accounts.

My mission at M. Allen is to help the 55% of B2B companies that miss their annual growth targets. I will do this by deploying my diverse set of executive leadership skills in business operations, information technology and sales to lead engagements of various sizes and situations, with particular focus in the financial services sector.

While I've experienced the normal range of emotions and challenges of starting a company, I'm thankful for:

1) My clients and stakeholders

2) The lessons of never quit, adaptability, and work ethic that my parents, the military and my mentors instilled in me over my childhood and adult life

3) My family and their positive spirits and faith in me (always finding a way to move forward)

4) My spiritual/religious faith

Again, thank you to the CEOs and Owners of my initial clients for providing me an opportunity to serve your teams. Thank you.

Now I'll transition into other key questions that I received this week, "we see your posts on RPA, what is that?" "How are you and your clients helping with process efficiency and what can you bring to bear?"

These are several questions that my financial service colleagues within Financial Services are seeking answers. Therefore, I’ve been sharing insight this week related to Robotic Process Automation (RPA): what it is, how to explore a roadmap, and other pertinent details related to outcomes clients might be seeking as we all prepare for the recovery. Attached explainer video will provide some context or answers:

Additionally, DSNews just published last week an article as well (link: ) Article describes our launch at M. Allen and how we’re assisting our colleagues tackle challenges from the origination side through management of non-performing assets within lending/servicing sector. 

Well I have to get back to work and look forward to hearing from you my friends and industry colleagues. Many of you (within my network) will be hearing from me through my blog, phone calls and other correspondence from time to time. I'll continue to post or share a mix of research, client insights, case studies, key trends and even personal posts or updates (like this one). Hopefully, some of you continue to reach out to me and check in as well.

Thank you again and have a productive close to the week!

Best regards, 

Matt Slonaker

M. Allen, Growth in Action

CEO & Head Business Advisor

m: 972.740.4300

Ps: Cheers to all of us coming out this crisis a better friend, colleague, parent and citizen! You can tell I'm toasting to you with my Cab...

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