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How much of an impact to sales has the pandemic been?

My former team at SBI recently partnered with Drift and Heinz Marketing to uncover the impact of COVID-19 on sales productivity and revenue generation initiatives.

A lack of automation and self-service offerings hinders productive selling and digital buyer enablement

59% of sellers very frequently spend their time having to follow-up just to attempt to schedule sales meetings with net new buyers.

• 43% of sellers say they’re frustrated most by a lack of automation or AI to replace manual, repetitive processes.

• 37% of sellers report that their buyers are frustrated by having to fill out repetitive online forms to get the resources and content they need.

Sales teams are busy but not necessarily productive as they attempt to sell to unqualified buyers

• 70% of sellers report they very frequently spend their time prospecting and qualifying net new buyers.

• 76% of sellers often spend their time meeting with – specifically – unqualified net new buyers.

• 10% of sellers don’t frequently meet with qualified net new buyers at all.

Poor data and processes hurt both buyers and sellers

• 48% of sellers – and 71% of self-identified unproductive sellers – say their biggest frustration with their current sales process is having limited or siloed data about their buyers to inform their sales strategies.

• 42% of sellers report their buyers are frustrated most when they have to repeat the same information to multiple team members.

• 41% of sellers report their buyers are frustrated most when asked to schedule a meeting before they’re ready to have one.

Great study and I'm attaching some of my recent briefs on the keys to selling in today's virtual realm below. Let's grow!

SBI study infographic below:

2021 State of Conversational Sales
Download PDF • 1.60MB

M. Allen briefs on modern selling are here:

Download MARCH202 • 2.51MB

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