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How Leaders Blend Digital with Human Touch Successfully

Updated: Jun 4, 2021

Mortgage servicers are used to navigating turbulence. But the speed, severity and continued impact of the global health crisis is creating never before seen challenges. From complying with pandemic-related regulations and managing talent shortages to addressing changing financial needs of borrowers, several roadblocks stand in their way. The question many servicers are asking is “how can we drive sound operations while ensuring compliance and taking an empathetic approach to borrower needs?”

This video and paper from Sourcepoint highlights how loan servicers can deploy technology-based solutions, combined with the human touch, to build long lasting customer relationships that drive preference and loyalty.

Deepening human connections is as important as driving operational superiority With forbearance and foreclosure moratoriums due to end in June 2021 and unemployment rates remaining at elevated levels, many borrowers find themselves in danger of default or foreclosure. Servicers recognize the need to take an empathetic, human-centric approach to customer conversations, now more than ever.

Focusing on softer attributes such as caring for, listening to, and putting customers first will go a long way in ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty during these extraordinary times. This means deploying digital-first solutions to efficiently address evolving customer needs with agility and scale, but always with a human touch. How can servicers achieve this?

Video introduction and brief are below:

Download • 5.57MB

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