How is Your Marketing & CX Aligned?

In the past, marketing was very campaign and demand generation driven. Today, marketing must be experience-driven. That requires fundamental changes in how you approach marketing. In fact, a recent Forrester Research report said …

“CMOs should step forward and take responsibility for turning the enterprise toward the customer. The CMO has to create a more engaged customer relationship … only CMOs who rethink their approach to marketing operations will pull it off.”

In a nutshell, to be “experience-driven” business leaders must re-engineer how marketing works. From strategic planning, to the systems they deploy, how they structure their marketing departments and ultimately how they develop and deliver the company’s story.

Reset your strategy. CMOs must formally document marketing’s strategic intent, responsibilities and goals as they relate to the customer experience. They must illustrate how the marketing strategy will optimize the customer experience inside and outside the company. Then they must secure appropriate ownership across the organization.

Reinvent your structure. CMOs must align marketing operations (roles, responsibilities, processes) with the customer journey; integrate processes across customer-facing areas of the business; and initiate sustained culture development programs that are required to deliver a connected and compelling experience.

Reengineer your systems. Connectivity throughout the customer experience is critical. That means marketing executives must identify and connect data, systems and processes that are crucial for delivering a cohesive and consistent customer journey.

Renew your story. To maximize retention and advocacy, CMOs must drive the consistent utilization of customer-centric messaging (story) that aligns with the company’s vision, mission, promise and core values.

As a marketing leader, if you want to deliver a superior and differentiated customer experience it’s time to reimagine marketing. You need to center your strategy, structure, systems and story around the “experience” your customers desire and demand from your company.

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