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How is your company's messaging?

Today, many company CMOs do not have enterprise-wide processes in place to ensure clear, compelling and consistent messaging is delivered throughout the buying process and customer journey. This results in a disconnected and inconsistent experience for prospects and customers as they travel from one touchpoint to another, especially with larger enterprises.

This is not a marketing problem. It is a business problem because inconsistent corporate messaging negatively impacts financial performance in three, very measurable ways:

Customer Acquisition: Your target audience expects personal, relevant and consistent messages as they consume your story online and offline. Confusing and inconsistent messaging in the self-service and sales phases of the buying process significantly reduces audience engagement, breaks down sales cycle and decreases customer conversion rates.

Customer Retention: When a prospect becomes a customer, they expect the promises made during the buying process to be fulfilled. However — if the story does not ring true — fear, uncertainty and doubt creep into the newly acquired customer’s mind — jeopardizing future purchases and share of wallet.

Customer Loyalty: Loyalty is only achieved when trust has been earned with a customer. Trust is earned when a customer’s overall experience is consistent with their expectations — expectations that you set based on the messages they consumed in the buying process. Consistency matters.

These are just three ways corporate messaging impacts business performance. That’s why it is imperative that companies and their CMOs rethink how they activate corporate messaging across the enterprise.

To be successful in today’s environment CMOs must approach messaging development and delivery as an enterprise-wide business process — not a marketing tactic. They must be more disciplined, holistic and intentional with respect to the story that is shared and how it comes to life in the customer experience.

Businesses that share a clear, compelling and consistent corporate story throughout the customer journey will thrive and lead within their respective sectors.

M. Allen is the B2B revenue growth consultancy executives call when it counts. When strategic shifts in the business take place, when financial performance is on the line and when the go-to-market absolutely must deliver material business results. To learn how we can help you discover, develop and activate a clear, compelling and consistent growth model for your company, schedule a discovery call by emailing:

Cheers to growth!

M. Allen

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