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How are you managing growth in 2020?

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

World of uncertainty has settled in among customers and sales teams alike. Conventional wisdom holds that “no one buys a million-dollar solution over the phone.” While this maxim no longer holds up universally, making time for an in-person meeting signifies importance and focus and often alleviates the perception of risk. Strategic use of in-person meetings, especially early and late in a sales process, correlates to better results. So what happens when in-person meetings aren’t possible?

One of many challenges my B2B Sellers are facing this year. I've enclosed below for your download a revised edition of my white paper, Managing Growth in 2020. In this version, I include a section about selling with perspective, preparing for your annual sales review in a virtual world and finally seven key strategic actions to take amid the crisis.

If you are interested in learning more or needing some guidance on your team's growth, feel free to reach me via and I'll share some additional insights or schedule a free brief based on your preferences.

Let's all grow together!

Download PDF • 4.17MB

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