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HBR Article on Digital Imperatives

For business leaders continuing to navigate the effects of disruptions, the evolving plan for keeping operations running has largely evolved into digital transformation strategies. The secret to long-term success with these strategies is shifting to a focus that includes operational agility and resilience through low-code — so leaders can be flexible, anticipate roadblocks, and stay ahead of the competition.

Download the Dual-Track Transformation report and discover how operational agility can help you:

  • Empower all professionals to modernize workflows and optimize critical processes

  • Reduce risks associated with typical large-scale transformation initiatives

  • Capitalize on low-code development to seamlessly iterate on and deploy new solutions

Download PDF • 470KB

My client, Speridian Technologies, has delivered on hundreds of digital imperatives for companies at all sizes and locations across the globe. For additional information, please contact or

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