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Growth with a PE - Our Take

Driving Growth in Private Equity: Key Strategies and a 90-Day Transformation Action Plan

Private Equity (PE) companies play a pivotal role in driving growth and maximizing returns for their investors. To achieve success, these firms leverage various strategies and implement transformational initiatives within their portfolio companies. In this blog post, we will explore key strategies employed by PE companies to drive growth and provide a detailed action plan for leading a 90-day transformation of a new portfolio company.

Key Strategies Implemented for Driving Growth:

1. Develop a Comprehensive GTM Strategy:

One of the first steps in driving growth is to define a robust Go-To-Market (GTM) strategy. This entails analyzing the market landscape, identifying target customers, and understanding their needs. By aligning sales and marketing efforts, PE companies can optimize customer acquisition, retention, and revenue growth.

2. Prioritize Sales and Revenue Growth:

To accelerate growth, it is crucial to prioritize sales and revenue-oriented initiatives. This involves setting clear revenue targets, establishing performance metrics, and closely monitoring key sales indicators to drive consistent growth. Regularly reviewing and adjusting strategies based on market feedback and insights is vital.

3. Optimize GTM Models and Sales Motions:

Efficient GTM models and sales motions are essential for scaling a business. PE companies work closely with portfolio company leadership to evaluate and optimize these models. This involves refining sales processes, streamlining workflows, leveraging technology and data analytics, and adopting best practices to enhance sales efficiency and effectiveness.

4. Implement Sales Management Best Practices:

Successful PE firms instill sales management best practices within their portfolio companies. This includes establishing robust sales management frameworks, implementing effective coaching and training programs, and fostering a culture of accountability. By equipping the sales team with the necessary skills and support, PE companies drive consistent sales performance.

5. Engineer Scalable Sales Processes:

Building scalable sales processes is crucial for sustained growth. PE companies collaborate with portfolio companies to design and implement standardized sales processes that can be replicated and automated. This ensures consistent execution across different regions or market segments, enabling rapid growth and efficient resource allocation.

One of Our Past Client Action Plans for a 90-Day PE Portco Transformation:

A few years ago, we had the pleasure of working for a CEO and their PE firm to help address their slowing growth (top and bottom-line). Excerpt from our approach and plan outlined below:

1. Assess the Current State:

M. Allen conducted a thorough assessment of the portfolio company's current operations, sales strategies, and revenue performance. Identified areas of improvement, bottlenecks, and growth opportunities.

2. Develop and Align the GTM Strategy:

We worked with the portfolio company's leadership to define a comprehensive GTM strategy, considering their market dynamics, customer segmentation, and competitive positioning. Aligned the strategy with the company's goals and capabilities.

3. Prioritize Sales and Revenue Growth Initiatives:

Identified key sales and revenue growth priorities based on the GTM strategy. Set measurable targets, establish performance metrics, and developed action plans for each priority area.

4. Optimize GTM Models and Sales Motions:

Evaluated the existing GTM models and sales motions. Identify inefficiencies, streamlined processes, and leverage technology to optimize sales operations. Implement changes to enhance productivity and revenue generation.

5. Implement Sales Management Best Practices:

Established a robust sales management framework, including performance tracking systems, coaching programs, and regular sales team meetings. Provided training and support to sales managers to equip them for effective leadership.

6. Engineer Scalable Sales Processes:

Designed standardized sales processes that could be replicated and automated. Implement CRM systems and sales enablement tools to streamline workflows, track customer interactions, and generate actionable insights.

7. Monitor Progress and Adjust:

Regularly monitored key sales metrics and performance indicators. Analyzed results, gathered feedback from the sales team, and made necessary adjustments to the action plan. Continuously iterated improvement initiatives to drive growth.

Private Equity companies employ a range of strategies to drive growth within their portfolio companies. By developing a comprehensive GTM strategy, prioritizing sales and revenue growth, optimizing GTM models and sales motions, implementing sales management best practices, and engineering scalable sales processes,

PE firms maximize growth potential. By following the detailed action plan provided, leaders can guide a 90-day transformation of a new portfolio company, setting it on a path of accelerated growth and success.

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