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Growth in Action: Podcast: The AI Agenda

The first weekend of the new year...let's dive into a key topic that many of you executive leaders are dealing with or evaluating this year. AI.

I've been sharing around the "leap frog" ability of AI in our industry. In addition to the briefings and related messaging, I've had the pleasure of having several industry pioneers lead personalized C-suite briefings for some of the largest financial organizations. Some of the key topics we dive into these briefings include:


1. How can Generative AI be strategically deployed to enhance operational efficiency and productivity within the client/prospect organization?

2. In what ways can Generative AI be seamlessly integrated into their existing processes to drive innovation and unlock untapped value?

3. What specific areas within their organization can benefit most from the implementation of Generative AI, and how can they capture true value from these applications?

4. How can the use of Generative AI contribute to increasing EBIT and freeing up valuable time, and what steps are needed to ensure a successful transition and adoption within their company?

Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast: The AI Agenda for Financial Services and Mortgage Banking via the link below:

In addition to the five minute podcast summary, I've enclosed several recent briefings and posts on the subject as well below:

CEO Battle:

POV on AI: 12 Predictions

POV: Unleashing the Full Potential of AI

Are you seeking an advantage this year? Desiring better margins and CSAT scores? Tired of budget and project over-runs? If so, we're here to help and partner. Best method to reach me for scheduling a consult,

Have a great 2024!

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