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Global M&A Trends and Study

Deal activity shut down and sprung back in direct correlation with government responses to containing the coronavirus pandemic. Although the second wave of the pandemic continues in many key territories in early 2021, challenges can be overcome with an intelligent dealmaking approach. One of the most dominant themes of recent months has been the advantage that technological savviness has afforded companies facing distancing measures.

This equally applies to M&A. It is our conviction that thorough preparation and sound information governance is what makes transactions successful, and that the greater the insight a bidder has into the inner workings of an acquisition target, the greater the chance of their bidding point being realistic and successful.

To more fully understand investor sentiment towards not only current market conditions but the digital tools that can empower better deal decisions, attached study conducted Q&A style interviews with leading dealmakers in the Americas and APAC, and partnered with research firm Acuris in a survey of 50 PE firms, M&A law advisors and investment banking firms across Europe to round out a truly global perspective on what lies ahead.

The following report seeks to demonstrate what market participants and service providers across the globe are predicting for 2021 following what has been both an exceptional and exceptionally volatile year, and how they can use technology to overcome unprecedented obstacles.

ANSARADA M&A Global Predictions-Accelera
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