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Fueling Growth & Innovation - Our latest brief on tech in 2021

25% of traditional large enterprise CIOs will be held accountable for digital business operational results, effectively becoming "COO by proxy."

2020 and early 2021 has been a year full of terms like “unprecedented” and “unanticipated.” Every industry has been affected in some way by the COVID-19 pandemic, economic fallout and social unrest around the globe. Strategic and business model change has translated, and continues to translate, into new challenges and priorities for function leaders. For the CIO and the whole IT organization, 2021 brings with it the imperative to generate more business value using innovative technologies and approaches to information.

Each IT role faces specific challenges — from planning and supporting digital acceleration to integrating more strategically with the rest of the business. As business partners grow more comfortable with identifying and using technologies, IT leaders will need to become more sophisticated in their partnership and collaboration. And, despite the challenges, a significant great opportunity exists to transform business operations and models from the ground up, enabling the organization to respond to future disruption quickly and strategically. This e-book highlights the trends and challenges each IT leader will have to reconcile in the coming year and provides specific actions that each leader can take in response — and to better align their piece of the organization with the business.

IT leaders have learned many valuable lessons in the past year, from how to quickly move entire organizations to remote workforces, how to create a secure work environment and how to prioritize digital initiatives like never before. But there is more work to be done. Leading in 2021 will look different from leadership in 2020, but understanding and planning for unknowns and continued disruption across the IT organization is critical to moving forward.

Please download our full brief below. We look forward to discussing your unique situation and 2021 technology initiatives. To learn more, let's connect via For additional details on my client, Awesome Technologies Inc. visit their site via:

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