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Enterprise Business Model Transformation for Banking

Recently, I had the opportunity and pleasure with our client to host over a dozen banking and financial service executives. The key topic we focused on for the workshop or discussion centered on keys to business transformation.

Based on that and other transformation discussions, proposals and research, I'm enclosing this executive brief. Key objective is to outline key approaches, actions, and strategies for conducting an enterprise business model transformation within a top US Bank, in line with their vision for sustainable growth and customer-centricity.

Summary: The bank has a unique opportunity to drive transformative change and position themselves as a leader in the banking industry. This executive brief aims to highlight the key areas of focus and strategies necessary to successfully conduct an enterprise business model transformation with a large US bank.

The full or complete brief covers key strategy items, risk mitigation details, a RASCI for establishing the core team, and check out the 40 point transformation audit checklist towards the back as well.

Interested in diving deeper, let me know.

Best regards,

Matt Slonaker

Founder & CEO of M. Allen LLC

Download PDF • 9.92MB

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