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Engaging Customers, Partners, and Suppliers As You Stabilize

Even as you’re stabilizing your business, you can connect with and support your customers, partners, and suppliers. Establish where and how you’re available to communicate with them, and consider introducing new services or products that will especially help in their new context. Rapidly engage priority customers: Set up remote call center to respond to increased inbound service demands. Engage customers in priority order on the basis of (i) need, (ii) customer lifetime value score, (iii) fast ROI. Reduce friction in existing deal cycles using all levers possible. Listen at scale to customers and partners through digital roundtables to learn emerging customer needs and share best practices. Leverage service case data to identify customer experience improvements.

Realign value propositions to customer priorities: Rapidly innovate products and services to better meet immediate customer needs. Shift messaging to be more human, empathetic, and personalized to crisis needs. Re-segment customer base by crisis-driven needs and lifetime value score. Co-create business continuity plans with partners and suppliers to streamline operations.

Optimize your digital engagement model: Increase performance of existing digital channels to generate greater scale and response effectiveness. Focus human effort on highest need cases, using self-service channels, predetermined traffic routing rules, and automation. Help suppliers and partners optimize for emerging offerings through communities and portals. Monitor social channels and respond quickly on real-time conversations. Look forward to learning more, please contact M. Allen to assist with your stabilization and recovery initiatives.

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