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End of the Quarter: Assessing Your Sales Force Strength to Identify Upside for Growth

How is your team doing with increasing revenue in the quarter? Are they on track to hit their targets? What's the biggest challenge you and the team are facing?

As we are entering the end of the first quarter 2021, it's a perfect time to assess your team, the market, the pipeline and everything else related to achieving your 2021 growth target.

If you need to assess your overall B2B Sales & Revenue Growth capability and strength, M.Allen is attaching our assessment methodology and framework to assist in your evaluation process. This doesn’t mean that you must do a deep dive into each and every area here but this is just an outline of key areas of our framework to help guide you in an audit of the most critical areas that will help understand the current status and what you can improve.

Also, it’s important to note that the order below is not meant to say that you should start with Sales Strategy before looking at the Sales Org. Always start with People first (i.e. People before Process or Problems) – talent in Sales is everything and all the results are based on the People you have on the team.

Here are the key areas where you would deep-dive and assess the strengths/capabilities and how they compare to “best practices” or what is done effectively within your specific industry and context – you want to get a rating (scale of 1-10) on each of these areas with the existing status and proposed ideas for optimization or improvement.

Click here to download the assessment areas we are utilizing in our reviews:

Download PDF • 282KB

Click here to download our latest white paper on prospecting keys:


Click here to download our overview of services and how we are helping firms in the financial services industry with everything growth oriented.

Download PDF • 716KB

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