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Do You Want a Better Way to Manage Your Bankruptcy Portfolio? Improve Recoveries?

M. Allen client and national bankruptcy servicer, National Bankruptcy Services (NBS), is seeing demand within the auto finance sector for their national bankruptcy services. As two clients have boarded in the last quarter with one in the Top 8.

For over 20 years, NBS has served as the trusted partner to a variety of secured loan servicers such as, national banks, regional banks, captive and other auto finance companies. Their advanced proprietary technology delivers scale, operating efficiencies, portfolio transparency and jurisdictional/district/judge compliance. Most importantly, M. Allen and NBS together are able to hit the many curves coming at you and deliver "service with certainty."

  • Business challenges and benefits include:

  • Reducing your cost structure and servicing expense

  • Increasing your payment frequency on the bankruptcy portfolio

  • Preventing/minimizing discharged debt

  • Improving your collateral recovery

  • Implementing scalable and flexible solutions

Action Steps:

Learn through a half hour discovery brief on how our services and technology solutions can assist your team managing the expected rise in non-performing and bankruptcy assets through 2021 and beyond. What you do today sets your team up for success!

Contact or visit for additional details on scheduling your executive brief.

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