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Dashboards Aren't Enough & Why?

When a new era of business intelligence (BI) took off in the mid 2010s, dashboards gave companies an advantage over those that couldn’t access snapshots of their business-critical metrics. Now that dashboards have become table stakes (and sometimes security blankets), companies need new ways to explore their data and take swift action.

Mode put this guide together to show you how to do just that. They cover:

• How moving beyond dashboards can uncover new growth opportunities

• Tactics for deeper analysis based on churn, product, and pipeline data

What type of solutions inspire faster, more collaborative analytics workflows

• How top companies use Mode to accomplish these goals

While dashboards are still important to inform “business as usual,” the real value is in deeper and faster exploratory analysis that drives business improvements. In order to extract more value from your data and have significant impact on company-wide outcomes, you’ll need to invest in technology and processes that eliminate the biggest bottlenecks facing analysts today.

Interesting report and with our own decade of managing analytical teams inside the financial services industry, I look forward to discussing your thoughts and best practices associated with getting the most from your data assets. Contact us via

Download PDF • 1.18MB

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