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Even as our work environment changes, most key initiatives won’t stop – such as hiring new sales executives. As new hires join your company, they’ll need to be on-boarded, which means you need to quickly adjust your program for a virtual workplace.

In this great brief by Brainshark, they provide tips for how to create a virtual on-boarding program that trains and prepares new sales hires, without interruption, as if they were working in a typical office environment. Brief below:

Download PDF • 293KB

In addition to Brainshark's brief, I'm attaching my latest 2020-21 Managing Growth in Crisis paper as well. This includes seven key strategies to employ as you tackle the growth challenges we're all facing, how to prepare for your annual "virtual" sales meeting and more. Enjoy and paper below and contact me to discuss how M. Allen can help with your growth needs via

Download PDF • 4.17MB

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